Ask the Top 100 Live: Brady Riggs is here to help your game

Ask the Top 100 Live: Brady Riggs is here to help your game

Brady-riggs-78x73 Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs will be online Tuesday from noon to 1 p.m. EST to answer your questions
and analyze your swing videos. Leave your questions in the comments section below.Thanks to everyone for your comments and questions. I wish I had more time but I am off to the lesson tee. Get your videos in early next week so we can put you on the right track. Enjoy the US OPEN and go USA Soccer!Ron Haubert asks at 1:00:What do
you think about during your swing.
Interesting question Ron. In my practice swing I try to "feel" the trajectory and shape of the shot I am going to hit. During my swing I try to copy that "feel" and stay committed to the shot. This should carry me through to the same finish position I had during the practice swing. I know it sounds a bit simple, but my mechanics haven't changed for a long time so I don't worry about the parts, just the whole.

Tim asks at 12:50:Hi
Brady, I've been struggling with compression with my irons. I tend to
hit the ball thin. I know my lower body isn't quite firing the way it
should. I also see that I don't hold my tush line we well either. I was
hoping u could give me some advice on this and anything else u might
Http:// The swing is pretty solid Tim. I always watch these videos first without reading your issues so I have a fresh look at your swing. I was going to tell you that your lower body wasn't working properly and you were losing you tush line. I was then going to guess that your shots were thin with the irons and slightly right and/or hooking too much. You can see that your diagnosis was on the money. When you lose the tush line with the irons your upper body has to lean back away from the ball making it very difficult to contact the irons solidly. Your arm swing is also very low at the top of the backswing. While this isn't always a cause of thin shots, when you combine it with losing the tush line it becomes a bigger issue than it should be. I think the thing you need to begin with is working your weight in the correct directions during your swing. Make sure that you are starting more towards the front of your shoes, working into the right heel going back, parallel to the target line in the transition, and then into the left heel coming through impact. When it comes to your arm swing, I think you can get your right arm a bit more up and away from your body at the top. I wouldn't mind seeing the upper arm parallel to the horizon instead of jammed into the side. This will free up your swing considerably and make it much easier to find the turf.Do me a favor and send in your swing from face on so I can check a couple things. I will be able to put up some pictures in next weeks blog to give you some more help.

Kevin asks at 12:40:I'm
consistently hitting my drives to the right, usually fairly low. It
feels like I'm hitting down on the ball like I would when I hit an iron.
What's a good drill to help me stay behind the ball?
I certainly wouldn't want you to hit down on the driver. You can usually fix this problem in the address position. Make sure your stance is wide enough to begin with as this will help you create the necessary tilt away from the target with your upper body that you are lacking. To continue the theme of tilt, make sure your back shoulder is feeling lower and back away from the target line as this really helps change the angle your club is attacking. The last little adjustment is to allow your head to move or slide away from the target on the backswing. If you try to keep your head still going back you are not only making your swing less athletic and powerless, you are making it more likely you will be in front of your original position at impact.

Jack Tors asks at 12:30:Could you
give some drills for increasing lag? I tend to cast the club. I bought
an impact bag and was told this would help, but it is not. Thanks.
Casting is a problem with your sequence. You move the club to the ball from the top of the swing in the wrong order, beginning with your hands and arms instead of your feet and legs. The best way to change this is to remember that the thing that stops your backswing is your downswing. In other words, you need to get your weight going in the direction of the target before your arms and club are done going back. This is the proper sequence of motion and should be practiced with the use of a camera, a mirror, and the sun on your back. You need to take your mind out of your arms and club and put it into your feet. As far as the impact bag goes, it makes a nice been bag chair for watching TV.

Mike asks at 12:20:I love the
tips each week, and have helped a ton. I'm a eight handicap who is
fairly short off the tee for a 22 yr old. I only hit it about 230-240
tops. But my big problem is my irons, since I keep it in play off the
tee. I have extremely quick hips during my down swing which often cause
me to spin out and hit balls thin off the toe. Any advice for getting
more distance off the tee, and any tips on slowing down my hips in order
to stop hitting balls weak and off the toe. My goal is to break 80
almost every time out this yr, and I need help.
Thanks for the kind words Mike. Quick hips aren't necessarily a bad thing if they are quick at the right time. As you have mentioned, quick hips to start the downswing aren't a good thing and can be the source of your lack of power and poor contact. Instead of spinning the hips to start the downswing, your weight should move purposefully into the quad or thigh of the front leg. This will prevent your hips from spinning and allow you to "step into" your downswing like a pitcher in baseball. This takes slow, tedious practice to make a positive change but sounds like missing piece in your downswing. If you can send in some video of your swing from the face on view I can help you with the specifics.

Khuram Fancy asks at 12:10:Hey Brady.
Lately when I use my pitching wedge my shots tend to go off to the
right, it's just been happening in the last month or so. What am I
doing wrong? Please help!
How far right is the question. If you are hitting the dreaded shank then you need to look at your distance from the ball at address, maintaining a good distance away during the swing, and swinging the club down on a neutral path. These are the checkpoints for fixing the shank. If you are hitting a slight push I would check your alignment, make sure the ball isn't too far back in your stance, and work on a combination of better hip and clubface rotation through impact. With so little information I can't give you specific help. If you can let me know some more details I will be able to get more precise.

JP asks at 12:03:Hi
Brady… Here is a couple of new videos with a SW. A thing I am
struggling with is a small push with the irons that goes high, it feels
like I am sliding the face right under the ball. It must be the inside
to out swing with an open face? In the video you will see that I have a
shaft just outside of the ball for alignment, but I hit the shaft about
80% of the time. How do I get the club to come thru straighter.. am I
not releasing correctly or rotating thru enough?
Thanks!!! JP
I think you are on top of the problem JP. The club is a bit too far inside on the downswing causing the slight push. This will also increase the height of the shot and decrease the distance, especially with the shorter clubs. I would still like to see your legs become more clean and quiet through impact. There is a great deal of bending and shifting in your knees during the downswing making it difficult for your hips to rotate properly through impact. This is the cause of your path issues and should be the focus of your practice. Read more:

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