The Big Play: Pure your fairway woods like Geoff Ogilvy

The Big Play: Pure your fairway woods like Geoff Ogilvy

Each week,
one of Golf Magazine's Top 100 Teachers will show you how to hit the shot of
the week from the PGA Tour.
Geoff-ogilvy-sbs-100 WHO: Geoff Ogilvy WHAT: A 246-yard five-wood to 20 feet WHEN: Final round of the SBS Championship WHERE: 555-yard, par-5 15th hole on the Plantation
Course at Kapalua 

Standing in the 15th fairway, Ogilvy was 21
under-par and tied with Rory Sabbatini, who had finished his round. After a
290-yard drive, Ogilvy was 246 yards from the hole. The 15th fairway tilts a
bit from left to right, so the ball was slightly below Ogilvy’s feet. Ogilvy
had pured his 5-wood all week, and he said that he had  “a perfect yardage”
for that club on 15. Ogilvy hit another gem, high and hard, and the ball
stopped 20 feet from the flagstick. After two putts, Ogilvy was 22-under, and
he went on to win by one stroke.

Focus on two keys to hit solid fairway woods: ball position and balance.  Ball
It should be the same as every other club you hit off the ground:
two balls inside your lead heel. Don’t make the common mistake of thinking that
you must contact the ball on the upswing and thus move the ball too far forward
at address. For all shots off the ground, including fairway woods, you must
contact the ball on the downswing. Balance: A fairway wood requires a long, powerful swing and the shaft on a fairway wood
is a little longer than your irons and wedges. This means you need to work a
little harder to maintain balance throughout your fairway-wood swings. To do that,
use a stance that’s slightly wider than what you use with mid-irons. The wider
stance will promote good balance. Mark Wood is a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher from Califon, N.J. (Photo: Kohjiro Kinno/SI)

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