Ask the Top 100 Live: Keep your game on track during the winter

Ask the Top 100 Live: Keep your game on track during the winter

Top 100 Teacher Brady Riggs will be online Tuesday at noon Eastern
to review your swing videos, answer questions and offer tips to keep your game on track during the cooler winter months. Be first in line by leaving a comment below.
Thanks to everyone for the questions and comments. Sorry we ran out of time. Please ask again next week and get them in early so we can get to them. Have a great week.AdmiralXizor asks at 9:55:This is my second season and I'm looking to improve a lot during the
winter. How does "winter golf" (it's going to be the mid-40s most of
the winter) compare to golf in the warm weather? Am I going to have to
re-calculate my distances when the weather improves? I realize I may
have to do that anyway, assuming I'm a better golfer in 4 months..! 😀
Are there specific adjustments I need to make to my game for warmer to
colder weather, and/or vice versa?

Mike asks at 9:33:Hi Brady, Although I think I'm a strong guy, I have a lack of distance
in my irons (5i: around 160yards) and driver (around 235 yards). I know
that to get more distance I need to get more speed. Is it possible to increase the speed in your swing, or is your swing speed a more natural thing? Are
there any drills? Thanks! Mike, The Netherlands

Steve asks at 9:20:I see pros use two sticks to lay down on the ground at the driving
range and place a ball between them to hit. Is this a drill to help
control the club path through impact and is this something everybody
can do or just those with a certain type of swing plane?

Rich asks at 9:08:From the top, I steepen the shaft and dive at the ball with my left shouder. Help please? Does not happen on practice swings.

What are the suggested tee heights for the driver, 3-wood, 4 & 5 hybrids for a 20 handicapper?

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