Turn Your Slice into a Draw

Turn Your Slice into a Draw

A box can help you turn a slice into a draw. <span class="picturesource">Russell Kirk</span>

Everyone wants to turn the ball over like a pro, but most average golfers have trouble getting their hips and arms in sync during the downswing. This simple drill will teach you how.

1. Position a cardboard box in the center of your target line, an inch or two ahead of your left foot.

2. Make your normal backswing with an iron, but when you start your downswing, try to keep your back turned to the target for as long as possible — in other words, don’t turn your hips. Simply roll your right hand over your left as your arms come down into impact and then let the toe of the club cut into the box.

Now hit some balls using that same feeling, and you’ll see those slices turn into draws and hooks. Use this image any time you want to move the ball from right to left, or when you need a few extra yards on a shot.

When to bend it

Moving the ball from right to left can help you get to the places you need to be in order to lower your scores

1. Before you even think draw on a right-to-left hole, tee up on the left side of the tee box to maximize the landing area.

2. If there’s trouble on the right side of the fairway, aim at the edge of the hazard and draw the ball away from it.

3. If your drive lands short of the dogleg, a draw is an absolute necessity to get the ball on the green.

4. Never go straight at a sucker pin. If the flag is on the far left side of the green, aim for the center and draw it to the hole.