Learn to play golf from 9 to 5

Learn to play golf from 9 to 5



Shift your mind-set

“I don’t like the word ‘retiring.’ You’re not retiring—you’re embracing a new challenge,” says life coach Jim Fannin, who has worked
with the likes of Luke Donald and Charles Howell III and helped Fortune 500 titans make the mental transition into retirement. “You have a choice: Stay stuck in the past and pine for the old days, or take on this new challenge.”

Set specific goals

“The mistake retirees make is failing to set big, specific golf goals. They just say, ‘I’ll play more,’ but that doesn’t give you that adrenaline
rush that your career once did. Set more focused goals: Breaking 80, getting to scratch, winning your club championship. Take the time and energy you poured into your career and channel it to specific goals. It will fuel you.”

Follow the 5-second rule

“I often see retirees pay $350 to beat themselves up for 18 holes. Retirement should be about enjoying your life and your golf. After a bad shot, give yourself five seconds to fume and moan. Then stop! Move on. You’ll enjoy it more, and you’ll be in a better, present state—the state that helps you find ‘the zone’—on your next shot.”