Innovator Update: Timothy Winey

Innovator Update: Timothy Winey

Timothy Winey, 41
Angus Murray

Timothy Winey is the founder and president of Torpedo Golf.

Can you give us a quick update on the state of your company?
We are just days away from launching our product line.

What has been the effect, if any, of making GOLF’s list of innovators?
The response exceeded my wildest expectations. I have over a thousand folks already signed up, and once Torpedo technology is in circulation, nothing will be able to stop us! I will be featured in Germany’s premier golf magazine in the coming weeks along with some other golf publications. I’m also partnering with Geoff Mangum ( on some putting theory and application.

Any idea what your next project/idea will be?
I have some very exciting breakthroughs that are as dramatic as the Torpedo relating to full clubs — increased distance and accuracy [straightness] as well as dramatic reductions in unwanted vibration on mis-hits. Also, Dr. Patrick Flanagan ( and I are working on some very exciting things relating to modifying the biofield of golfers for improved performance, in the areas of coordination, concentration, stamina, mental and physical, and many other benefits.

Who are you watching in the world of golf that would be your nominee for the innovator list in ’08?
I know I’m biased, but I would have to say that Geoff Mangum is head and shoulders above the crowd both theoretically and practically in relation to sinking more putts.

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