Innovator Update: Clyde Luther

August 19, 2011

Clyde Luther works for various groups as a volunteer rules marshal.

Can you give us a quick update on the state of your volunteering? Are you still at it?
I am head of rules and on-course administration for the NCAA Div. 1, and head of rules for the Atlantic Coast Conference. In addition, I am head of rules for the Golf Coaches Association of America Match Play Championship. Also I am rules chairman for the Virginia State Golf Association. I still work the U.S.Open, the Senior Open, the Women’s Open, U.S. Amateur, U.S. Senior Amateur and the USGA Junior Amateur. Also, I do an extensive amount of golf rules instruction that ranges from the Golf Coaches Association, the Virgina State Golf Association, the Maryland State Women’s Division, and college golf teams.

What has been the effect, if any, of making GOLF’s list of innovators?
When I received the USGA Joe Dey award in 2001, I stated in my acceptance remarks that receiving this award challenged me to do more than I had previously done. Same way about the Innovator Award. I find it a challenge to continue what I have been doing and even search for new horizons to promote the game of golf all the more.

Any idea what your next project or idea will be, or any goals or objectives you’d like to meet?

Yes. The new challenge of teaching golf rules to the college golf coaches is greater than I had ever envisioned, and I will be spending more time in meeting that challenge. I am always looking for ways to share my rules knowledge with other golfers, regardless of age, sex etc. There are many different ways that the rules of golf can be presented. I am continually searching for those ways.

Who are you watching in the world of golf who would be your nominee for the innovator list in ’08?

This is really a simple question that I know many folks would never think about or consider. But, I have known this young man since he was 14. Yes, I would nominate Tiger Woods. Most people, by far the majority, think of him only as one of the greatest golfers that has ever been around, but he is far more than that. He is a real person, a man of quality, and I don’t believe he is very often recognized for what he does for the junior golfers around the country, especially in San Diego. The new facilities for kids, the instruction classes far exceed what we have ever heard about or what other pro golfers do. Yes, If I were to vote it would be for Tiger Woods.