Cold Weather Comfort

Cold Weather Comfort

Playing golf in temperatures lower than your typical nine-hole score demands that your preparation start before you leave your home. Here are the essential pieces of gear that will keep you warm, even if your game is cold.

1. Weather Proof Garment Company Pullover
The microsuede fabric is water repellent and wind resistant, offering extra protection from the elements. Its durability and classic style make it a great transitional garment from the course to the clubhouse.

2. Dunning Interface Tour Compression LS Mock
Thermals are the foundation to keeping the body warm. The compression material in this mock will trap heat while releasing sweat at the same time.

3. Dunning Interface Thermal Windshield Vest
Perfect for chilly, dry days-plus it looks good with the mock.

4. Polo Golf Khaki corduroy pants

When the wind is cutting through you like a knife through butter, wool pants just can’t get it done like corduroys.

5. Peter Millar Drop Needle 1/4 zip
The heat retention in this sweater is so good you can tee it up in Siberia.

6. DPM Sports Spiuk Neymo sunglasses
Designed by a bicycling company, these shades protect your eyes from particles blowing around in blustery conditions.

7. Ahead Winter toque Fleece hat with trim
Your mother always told you to cover your head when it got cold, so why not do it in style?

8 & 9. DPM Sports Spiuk extreme socks and winter gloves
(socks, $10.99; gloves, $45.99 (socks), (gloves))
These socks provide high heat retention and insulation and mold tautly to the shape of the foot for optimum comfort. The gloves combine maximum protection and minimal hindrance.

10. Dunning Interface Pro Compression Boxer Briefs
If there’s one area we can all agree should not be subjected to the chill, this is it.

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