Long John sets the record straight: He's not gay

Long John sets the record straight: He’s not gay

He’s been known to hit it crooked.
But let’s be clear: he’s straight.
So said John Daly, by way of Twitter, in a social media corrective to a BBC reporter, who, in a recent slip of the tongue, mentioned the name “John Daly” when he meant to say “Tom Daley,” the British diver who came out earlier this fall.

News that comes as no surprise to anyone who has seen him hanging out at Hooters.
In a related story, the world is still awaiting a similarly clarifying tweet from Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, whose name and face were erroneously included in a slide show of gay athletes compiled by Sky News in the UK.
The British news outlet was also reporting on Tom Daley at the time.
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