Dream Tee: Win the golf round of your life from SI

Dream Tee: Win the golf round of your life from SI

Dreamtee_300At a table in a grillroom somewhere, a golfer is describing his or her dream foursome to his or her not-dream foursome. It’s as common a post-round clubhouse game as gin rummy — if you could tee it up with anyone, absolutely anyone, who would it be? Who gets a spot in your ultimate four-ball?

Bobby Jones, Abe Lincoln and Jesus get a lot of play in such discussions, but what if this conversation starter wasn’t just fantasy? What if it was about to happen? Golf is a game for dreamers — every time we draw the club back, we dream that this is the one that will go where it’s meant to. Sometimes the ball does go where it’s intended. Sometimes, golf dreams do come true.

If you could tee it up with any three people on the planet at the venue of your choosing, who would make your cut and why? I’m asking you to consider it carefully, because if you are willing to write me, and ready to jump on a plane at a moment’s notice, you might be headed for the tee time of your life next spring.

I have been fortunate to live most of my golfing fantasies, to the point that my own foursome is tired of hearing about them. It’s time for me to pursue a new golf dream — yours. Each of my links adventures began with a simple idea: Why not? I’m hoping you will ask yourself that question and then come up with three partners to make your perfect four. Tell me where it would happen, and why yours is the golf dream that should come to life. And it just might. One golf pipe dream is going to come to pass, as someone gets made up in a foursome like he or she has never been made up before.

In 300 words or less, tell me who, where and why. Make a case for your perfect foursome, and we will select one dream and arrange it on our dime. The chosen foursome will be featured in a June 2014 issue of Sports Illustrated.

They say golf truly reveals a person, so who would you want to really know, from tee to green to clubhouse bar? Who do you want to steal the honor from? Who do you want to remind about the automatic press? Let us know through The Dream Tee at www.tomcoyne.com by Nov. 1, 2013. Then get your bags packed and your clubs cleaned.
Dream big. Why not? It will only be the round of your life. –Tom Coyne