Adam Scott proves the ‘Tiger Schedule’ works

Adam-scott-barclays-blog_640At the beginning of his career, Adam Scott was touted as a future star, one who could maybe even challenge Tiger Woods' dominance on the PGA Tour. But for the past decade, Scott languished in mediocrity, winning on occasion, but never living up to the hype.
That is until he decided to take a page from Tiger's book and alter his schedule, according to's Farrell Evans.

In early 2012, Adam Scott announced that he would play a reduced schedule. He was ready for a Tiger Woods-like season, during which he played 15-20 events around the world.

If he was ever going to get to the level of Woods or Rory McIlroy and win majors, he said, he couldn't go "running off playing every week chasing world ranking points or whatever you're playing for."

…Was Scott ready for a schedule like Tiger's? Most players need full schedules of 20-25 events to stay sharp and qualify for the majors and the WGC events.

Scott felt his time to win and make history was passing quickly, and he was ready to make the changes necessary to chase greatness:

"The last couple of years my focus shifted a bit, and I changed my schedule and played a lot less tournaments, so I think I've got less opportunity to win and focused on the bigger tournaments, which are not easy to win; not that any others are," he said.

"I'm developing my game into being more consistent, performing in the big ones, and now trying to adapt that to be a winner on a more frequent basis is what I'm working toward."

Well, the Tiger-inspired plan seems to have worked, as Scott has become a regular contender in the big events, captured his first major title in April at Augusta, and now has a realistic chance at stealing Player of the Year honors from Woods himself.
(Photo: Carlos M. Saavedra / Sports Illustrated)

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