Deer impale themselves on Muirfield Village fence

Deer impale themselves on Muirfield Village fence

These two deer paid no mind to the golfers at Pebble Beach.
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Oh, deer.

Muirfield Village Golf Club became the focus of unhappy attention this week after two deer impaled themselves on a metal fence that surrounds the property, according to ABC News 6 in Columbus, Ohio.

The animals were so badly injured, they wound up being euthanized by police.

Muirfield Village hosts the Presidents Cup in October, and the black-tipped metal fence is slated to be removed after the event.


But officials at the Dublin, Ohio, club are hearing calls to do something about the fence sooner.

“(We’re) real excited about the Presidents Cup,” local resident Mike Bickley told ABC News, “but we’re not excited about our neighborhood having seven miles of black metal fence.”