Monty: Tiger won't break Jack's record

Monty: Tiger won’t break Jack’s record

159561826 Although Colin Montgomerie has never won a major, that is not going to stop him from speaking about people who have. 
When the much-talked about topic of the chances of Tiger Woods breaking Jack Nicklaus' records of 18 major championships came up on the Golf Channel Sunday night, Monty did not hesistate to put his two cents in. 
Nicklaus said he still expects Woods to break his record. Monty just thinks he was being nice.

"Jack was being diplomatic," Monty said to the Golf Channel via The National, failing to suppress a smile. "Very diplomatic."

Woods struggles at the majors are well-chronicled, having failing to crack the winner's circle at a major since 2008. He finished tied for 40th at last week's PGA Championship and hasn't won the Masters in nine years.
When asked if Woods could get to the elusive 19 majors, Monty was less than optimistic. 

"Five more, with the standard right now, and the competition right now," he said. 

(Photo by Andrew Redington/Getty Images)