Celebrity Golf Addict: Samuel Jackson has 'golf clause' in movie contracts

Celebrity Golf Addict: Samuel Jackson has ‘golf clause’ in movie contracts

He doesn’t play a golfer in the movies, but he is one in real life.
So committed to the game is Academy Ward nominee Samuel L. Jackson that he has a golf clause worked into his Hollywood contracts.
“They have to let me play at least twice a week,” Jackson told CNN’s Living Golf. “Generally they either move me onto a golf course or I join a club so I can play there.”
And who says movie stars don’t have it tough?
Some other facts and figures about Jackson: at 64, he plays off a six handicap and, when he’s not on set, tees it up almost every day, often squeezing in 27-holes.
His most memorable round? St. Andrews, where he played in the Dunhill Cup with Tiger Woods
His favorite course? Augusta National, where he played three times after filming the movie Freedomland. It was a wrap gift furnished by the film’s producers.
A fixture on the celebrity golf circuit, Jackson also hosts his own charity golf event to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association.
“My mom passed from Alzheimer’s last year. My grandfather had it, her sister’s got it, her brother had it, my paternal grandmother had it, so it seems like I’m kind of surrounded by it,” Jackson said. “I may need the help of that organization at some point so I better raise some money for them.”

For now, though, Jackson is of such sound mind that he can confidently offer this golf-related counsel.
Keep your head down, he says, swing easy, and “don’t take it seriously.”
That from a man who takes it seriously enough.