Feherty: Hitting driver from a ship, Tiger couldn't hit the sea

Feherty: Hitting driver from a ship, Tiger couldn’t hit the sea

85445443Statistically speaking, Tiger Woods is not a world-beater off the tee, ranking 44th on Tour in driving distance and 53rd in driving accuracy.
But speaking in statistics is so dull.
For a more colorful description of Tiger’s struggles with the big dog, let’s turn to David Feherty, who has never met a florid phrase he wasn’t fond of.
In an interview with the Buffalo News this week, the Tour pro-turned-talk-show-host said that Tiger’s driver is so wayward, “I’m not sure he could hit the sea off an aircraft carrier.”
Luckily for Tiger, golf is played on dry land, where Feherty doesn’t discount his chances.

“People have very short memories,” Feherty added. “They forget what happens when Tiger Woods plays well by his own standards. He won by seven this past weekend and really didn’t play particularly well. After he got it to 9-under par he played last five holes like a dog. I don’t know many he would have won by if he managed to hit a fairway. I think he hit two fairways in a row twice all week.”

At this weekend’s PGA Championship, Feherty said, Tiger’s fate will hinge largely “on what he’s like outside 250 yards. Because inside of 250 yards I don’t think I’ve ever seen hit hit the ball as well as he did, and I’ve seen him do some extraordinary things.”
Bottom line: Don’t wager against Woods at Oak Hill this weekend.
But feel free to take him on if you get him on his yacht.
(Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)