Tiger teaches son golf the way his dad taught him

Tiger teaches son golf the way his dad taught him

Hello, world.
The next generation of Woodses made its pro golf debut Sunday when 4-year-old Charlie Woods watched his dad Tiger win the WCG-Bridgestone Invitational in Ohio. After his seven-shot victory, Tiger picked up Charlie and carried him to the scorer's trailer (see video above). Afterward, the famously private Woods opened up to reporters about his son, according to ESPN.

"This was the first win he's ever been at," said Woods, 37, who got emotional talking about it afterward. "That's what makes it special for both of us. He's never seen me win a golf tournament. (Daughter) Sam was there when I won the U.S. Open in '08, and she loves to look at the YouTube videos. Charlie has never had that, never felt what it's like to be with the trophy."

Woods started playing golf at age 2 with his dad, so it's no surprise that he's been hitting balls with Charlie, especially since Woods has a four-hole course in his backyard.

"But it's like what my dad did, and that's keep it fun," Woods said. "Go out there, no lessons, and just have fun. He just emulates what I do. I would go and hit balls and it goes kind of quiet for a while, and then the next thing I know and he's looking over my shoulder and he's kind of watching and just kind of eyeing me.
"Then I'll hit and he'll hit and his swing starts mimicking what I am doing. That's how I learned the game and my dad just kept it so light, fun and competitive, and I fell in love with it."

Just don't expect to see Charlie Woods looking like Rickie Fowler on the course. Tiger won't have it.
"My kid is not going to wear a flat bill (cap)," he said.

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