Arnie: 'Very questionable' if Tiger can catch Jack

Arnie: ‘Very questionable’ if Tiger can catch Jack

Arnie_question_600 Arnold Palmer gets this question all the time: “Will Tiger
catch Jack?” Jay Busbee from Yahoo! Sports had a conversation with Palmer, and the King's current thinking on golf’s most pressing question wasn’t as straightforward as a simple yes or
no. Palmer believes Tiger certainly has the ability to win five more majors
to surpass Nicklaus’ record of 18, but the seven-time major winner questions the
likelihood of that happening.

"Can he? Yes," Palmer says, without hesitation. "But will he? That is…" Palmer pauses, weighing how to answer. He finally lifts a hand, rotating it in a "so-so" motion. "Very questionable."

But Palmer, who still watches golf every weekend with a practiced eye, hasn't counted out Woods just yet. "I think we'll hear more about him," Palmer smiles. "He will be a factor in any tournament he plays."

–Posted by Ryan Galvin Photo: Arnold Palmer and Tiger Woods share a laugh at Bay Hill (Getty Images).