Tiger Woods stars in funny video to help USGA address pace of play

Tiger Woods stars in funny video to help USGA address pace of play

ARDMORE, Pa. — You wouldn't expect the stoic United States Golf Association to have anything in common with Al Czervik, the mouthy character played by Rodney Dangerfield in the golf classic, Caddyshack. In fact, the USGA seems more like a Judge Smails, no-wagering-at-Bushwood type.

But the USGA is joining forces with Al ("Wang!!") for its new slow-play initiative and is borrowing one of Czervik's famous lines for its campaign. No, it's not, "Did you get a bowl of soup with that hat?" The USGA slow-play campaign is going with, "While we're young," which Czervik utters in disgust while watching Ted Knight's Judge Smails character go through an interminable pre-shot routine.

A little humor couldn't hurt the latest drive to pick up the pace of play. The USGA has determined that the slow pace of golf is one of the reason the game is losing players.

It's doing a comprehensive study on the causes of slow play and joining forces with other golf organizations in an attempt to do something about it.

That's a complicated process, but all you need to know now is that you'll be seeing a series of television commercials, all intended to be humorous, playing off the "While We're Young" theme. There's one in which Butch Harmon tries to teach Paula Creamer to deliver Rodney's line. There's another in which Arnold Palmer says the line to a slow player on a tee box (shown below), who turns around and glares — turns out that player is Clint Eastwood, and his glare is still intimidating. And there's one with Tiger Woods (shown above), who is admonished by a couple of youngsters while playing miniature golf.

You can watch the clever spots at usga.org.