Cheyenne Woods surprises Uncle Tiger at press conference

Cheyenne Woods surprises Uncle Tiger at press conference

Tiger-woodsFinally, a reporter was able to crack Tiger Woods’ steely demeanor at a press conference: his niece Cheyenne Woods.
Cheyenne is a professional golfer, but she’s covering the Open as a journalist for the Back9Network this week. She was in the media center for her uncle's press conference at Merion on Tuesday and when she asked Tiger a question, his usual game face broke into the widest, most natural smile we’ve seen from him in a long time [photo, right].

CHEYENNE WOODS: The U.S. Open is usually one of the most grueling weeks of golf. So what would you do off the course in order to be at ease and relax? (Laughter.)
TIGER WOODS: Didn't expect that. Well, off the course, we have a great crew at the house and we're going to have fun. Tomorrow, make sure you're is it 6:30 dinner? Is that all right? Okay. Perfect. So just relax and have a good time and get away from it and when it's time to play, it's time to play. But overall we're just going to get away from it and not really watch any golf. When it's time for me to get ready, I'll get ready.

Here’s video from Back9Network of Cheyenne at the press conference here (the Tiger exchange starts at the 1:10 mark:

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