Rocco Mediate says he dumped Tiger Woods' autograph in the garbage

Rocco Mediate says he dumped Tiger Woods’ autograph in the garbage

Maybe Sergio was right. Maybe Tiger Woods really “isn’t one of the nicest guys on Tour.”?
The latest evidence comes from well-established Tour nice-guy Rocco Mediate, who, during a recent appearance on Golf Channel’s “Feherty,” recalled a Tiger memory from the 2009 Players Championship. At the time, Mediate was roughly a year removed from his playoff loss to Woods at the 2008 U.S. Open at Torrey Pines, so he thought he’d ask Tiger for a memento.
According to Mediate, he left in Woods’ locker a photo of the two of them from the playoff, along with a pin sheet from their fifth-round match. He also left a note, requesting an autograph and an inscription.
“Look, sign these for me, write something on there, and personalize it and then sign the pin sheet,” Mediate told David Feherty, summing up his note to Tiger. “Because I’m going to put them on my wall somewhere.”
Well, Mediate got the autograph, but that was it. As Rocco tells it, Woods returned the materials later that day, having signed the photo but without writing an inscription. The pin sheet came back to Rocco untouched.
Mediate says he threw everything in the trash.
“That tells the story,” Mediate said. “Why wouldn’t he … just mess with me, and the sign my pin sheet, so I could put the damn thing on my wall and say, ‘I almost got the guy that day.’”
Mediate emphasized that he’s still a Tiger fan.
“I’ve been a big fan of Tiger since I met him,” he said. “I love the way he does his job. I don’t care what anybody thinks or anybody says; we ain’t gonna see this kid come about again.”
You get the feeling that Sergio Garcia — among many others — would be just fine with that.