Rocco Mediate rides golf cart into media center for interview

Rocco Mediate rides golf cart into media center for interview

Cart paths only?
Not for Rocco Mediate.

Not when he’s rushing to a date with a microphone in the run-up to an event on the Champions Tour. As Garry Smits reported in the Florida-Times-Union this week, the affable Mediate turned heads Thursday as he hurried to a press conference in Savannah in advance of the Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf.

Put it this way: he didn’t go by foot.

Riding shotgun in a cart driven by his caddie, Martin Courtois, Mediate rolled straight from the course and down a ramp into the cart barn, breezing by reporters and Champions Tour staff, deep into the bowels of the building and stopping at the doorway of the interview room.

“Well, they say we can take the golf carts anywhere,” Mediate said.

Which is kinda, sorta true.

On the Champions Tour, carts aren’t just permitted in competition. Players can take them onto the practice range.

You could see this as a gesture of respect for our elders. Or as a patronizing insult to the over-50 set, most of whom can walk just fine.

Anyway, it’s hard to hold anything against Rocco, a famously amiable and outgoing player who has always understood how good he’s got it.

“We get to play this game and most of the time they pay you,” he said, explaining his perpetually sunny manner. “I don’t see the problem. I really don’t. It’s still a game. If most guys (on the PGA Tour) would treat it that way, it would be a lot more fun for everyone to watch. If they would have more fun, they’d be better for it.”

With an attitude like that, what say we let him take his cart up on the green?