Padraig Harrington's 'Golf Swing Shirt' looks like a straitjacket

Padraig Harrington’s ‘Golf Swing Shirt’ looks like a straitjacket

Good news, bad news for Padraig Harrington.
After going through four laser surgeries and more sets of eyewear than Moe Greene, the Irishman appears to have resolved his vision problems.
But now come concerns about his mental health.
Witness this alarming YouTube video of the three-time major champion wrapped in a straitjacket, ready to be whisked away by men in white.

Wait. I take that back.
On closer look, it’s a new commercial that shows Harrington stumping for something called the Golf Swing Shirt, a product that he hails as the “best swing trainer ever invented.”
A relentless tinkerer, Harrington knows what it takes to stay connected—arms and shoulders working in unison—and apparently he’s found it in this snug-fitting adornment, which looks like it was snatched from the wardrobe trailer of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest."
Harrington swears it works.
The Golf Swing Shirt, I mean. Not what they did to poor Randle McMurphy.

Either way, maybe the real lesson here is this: play golf long enough, and it’ll drive you crazy.
Paddy Harrington, meet paddy wagon.
From the golf course to the rubber room.