Adam Scott to take green-jacket joyride in Australia?

Adam Scott to take green-jacket joyride in Australia?

Scott-fvSince the last putt Sunday, the rest of the world is catching up on what golf fans already knew: Adam Scott is good, and being Adam Scott is even better.
Exhibit A: This article by Andrew Pentis in Men's Journal, which describes the life Scott leads Down Under. Looks like the Masters champ already has a joy ride planned up Australia's aptly-named Gold Coast. Don't worry, as a spokesman for Mercedes, he has his pick of rides to take along:

The only downside of the trip for Scott is that the M1 Pacific Motorway
has speed cameras that, true to national custom, strictly enforce speed
limits of 100-110 km/h (or 62-68 mph).

"The speed I would like to go," Scott says, "and the speed we are allowed to go are two very different things."

The now third-ranked golfer in the world – and the only player from Down Under in the top 35 – was born in Adelaide and won the Australian Masters' gold jacket last November. Now that he's got the green jacket as well, he's got the perfect wardrobe for his jaunts. He could admire the cut of a lapel in the rearview while cranking Kings of Leon and the like from an iPod plugged into the GL450 Mercedes-Benz SUV he uses to accomodate the surfboards and clubs he can't fit into the SLS AMG Roadster he upgraded to from Mercedes SL550 after signing on as a spokesperson for the German automaker.

That's quite the fleet, but it may not be enough. If Twitter is any indication, we doubt Mercedes can't make enough Benzes to transport all of Scott's female fans up the coast with him. You can read the rest of the story here, at (Photo: Fred Vuich/Sports Illustrated)