Michael Phelps throws club on 'Haney Project'

Michael Phelps throws club on ‘Haney Project’

Michael Phelps is Hank Haney's latest pupil on "The Haney Project," which has seen the Golf Magazine Top 100 teacher, best-selling author and coach teach Charles Barkley, Ray Romano and Rush Limbaugh in its past three seasons with varying degrees of success.

In last week's episode, Phelps tossed his driver at St. Andrews in an over-the-head motion where he jumps off his left leg while slinging the club. His teacher wasn't impressed.
"That wasn't even a good attempt at being mad," Haney said.
Phelps could not only use Haney's help with his swing, but would also benefit from watching Top 100 Teacher Charlie King's video on the proper technique to chucking clubs down the fairway. But the 18-time Olympic gold medalist can take solace in knowing that he is in good company with almost anyone who's ever played golf, as well as several members of the PGA Tour. The show airs Monday nights on The Golf Channel at 8 pm ET.