Bubba Watson: 'Wait to see' menu for Masters Champions Dinner

Bubba Watson: ‘Wait to see’ menu for Masters Champions Dinner

Bubba-WatsonAs Bubba Watson’s Master-ful Mystery Tour rolls into its 10th month, he’s finally had time to reflect on his Augusta triumph. He’s had time to go on Letterman, to fall into a post-major slump and play his way out of it. He’s had time to watch the Sunday broadcast of his winning round three times on DVR.
And yet he still hasn’t made up his mind on the menu for the Champions Dinner.
“We’ll wait to see that day what I have,” Watson said in a Wednesday teleconference. “I think as Masters champion I should be allowed to just wait to tell everybody.”
The culinary suspense surely has certain green-jacketed gourmets on pins, but Bubba was specific about one thing he won’t do when he gets to Augusta: revisit the site of that whipsawed gap wedge that won him the tournament a year ago:

No, I want that to live. That might be my only legacy of winning the Masters, so I want that shot to live, and I want it to grow, and hopefully 20 years from now it’s even tougher and there was bigger trees and was a tougher situation. So I don’t have any reason to go over there. Hopefully I hit the fairway from now on so I don’t need to practice that shot anymore.

There may be another reason he won’t try to relive the shot: Watson wasn’t as impressed with it as everyone else who saw it live or on YouTube since. In fact, it didn’t even medal:

The hardest shot I’ve ever pulled off? I’ve pulled off a couple more that week early in the week. The one on 17 earlier in that day, what, three holes before that, was harder. One on 11 I think was harder. So that one just in that week that was like No. 4 on the list.

Still, among all those highlights, only one thing really stands out.
“That I won,” Watson said. “I actually won it.” (Photo: Ross D. Franklin/AP)