Bubba Watson: Rory McIlroy will be No. 1 'for a while'

Bubba Watson: Rory McIlroy will be No. 1 ‘for a while’

Bubba Watson has never been one to sweat equipment changes. So it's not surprising that he isn't concerned about a certain peer who has struggled of late after a notable gear switch.
"I think Rory is going to be No. 1 for a while," Waston said of Rory McIlroy during a Wednesday teleconference hyping Watson's upcoming Masters title defense
"Think about it, we change equipment every year," he said. "We have a
new driver come out from Ping, you have a new 3-wood, you have new
irons, you have a new golf ball. It might be the same company but it's
all new. You've got new golf shoes coming out, so they feel different
on your feet. You've got all these new things coming out, so I don't
see [switching] as that big of a change."
But there is one thing that does bother Bubba: "I think the biggest
change in changing a product would be the logo… I'm a feel player.
When something is changed like that, I know it."
Watson added that a couple poor results here and there isn't cause for hitting the panic button, either — especially if one of those results comes in match play.  
"There's nobody in the history of the game that's been 100 percent on making cuts, so Rory missed the first cut… That's why I think match play is such a goofy tournament anyway. [Losing in] the first round [as McIlroy did last week], I don't see that shows us anything. And a missed cut is a missed cut; everybody going to do it. No matter how many times you try, you can't make every cut."
McIlroy will defend his title at the Honda Classic starting Thursday, a tournament he won last year playing clubs with noticeably different logos.
Watson, meanwhile, won't be there with him. He's got a birthday party to host on Saturday. His son Caleb just turned one.