Trevino: Today's pros would shoot in the 50s on old Augusta National

Trevino: Today’s pros would shoot in the 50s on old Augusta National

Trevino_blog_forwebLee Trevino has never been a huge fan of Augusta National, but that's never stopped him from talking about the course. In a Q and A with Kyle Porter on, Trevino says the lords of Augusta had no choice but to add serious length to the venerable track in recent years, lest it become obsolete.

How different is Augusta now than when you played it? They'd be shooting in the 50s today, these guys, as far as they hit it, yeah, they'd be shooting in the 50s if they hadn't stretched Augusta out. They would have had to do something with Augusta to make it extremely hard.
What they would have done, they would have had to put the rough way up and made it really tight. And that isn't what Mr. Jones wanted. Mr. Jones didn't want rough up there because he wanted the best player to win. And sometimes when you have deep rough, the best player doesn't win because when you both hit it in the rough one can get lucky and one can get unlucky as far as the lie is concerned.

The voluble Trevino went on to praise the current form of world number two Tiger Woods, the 14-time major winner whose ever-changing swing has come under occasional criticism from the Merry Mex.

Who is the best ball-striker in the world right now? I don't see how you can dispute Tiger's ball-striking right now. I thought the best ball-striker ever was Sam Snead. Day in and day out, no one could hit the ball like Sam Snead could hit it. He was a phenomenal athlete, and he could do just about anything he wanted to with a golf ball. He's overlooked in that department. Right now as far as ball-striking is concerned, I don't see how it gets any better than Tiger.
Tiger is a mechanic. A lot of guys are one-dimensional, and I think Tiger is way up on everybody because he can create different types of shots and that's what makes you a great player. You show up at the golf course one day and A-game isn't working, so you have to go to B or C. And that's what he can do.

Photo: Lee Trevino at the AT&T Championship at Oak Hills Country Club in San Antonio, Texas, in October 2010 (Getty Images).  

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