Raymond Floyd upset at Hall of Fame for inducting 'guys who don't belong'

Raymond Floyd upset at Hall of Fame for inducting ‘guys who don’t belong’

RayfloydRaymond Floyd, a four-time major winner and World Golf Hall of Fame member since 1989, believes that the Hall of Fame is inducting players undeserving of the honor.

“The bar has been lowered,” Floyd said in the March issue of Golf Magazine. “Guys get voted into the Hall of Fame who don’t belong, who lack the numbers. I’m very upset at the Hall of Fame for that. It’s not fair to the people who went in early.”

Floyd didn't mention names, but the 2013 Hall of Fame class includes Fred Couples, who has won only one major (the 1992 Masters), and Colin Montgomerie, who has never won a major.

Who has been elected to the Hall who doesn’t deserve it?

Just look at the inductees over the last six, eight, 10 years. Some years, I don’t even vote because the names are not worthy of induction. One major should not get you into the Hall of Fame—maybe one major and 40 wins. I’m not gonna pick a guy with one major and 11 wins.

Fred Couples has one major and 15 Tour wins, and Colin Montgomerie never won a major, and they’ll be enshrined this year. It sounds like they didn’t get your vote. I’ll just say that you should have at least two majors. At least! Wow, there are guys in there that it’s a joke. It takes integrity away from the term “Hall of Fame.” I’m very upset at the Hall of Fame.

You can read the full interview here. The March issue of Golf Magazine is on newsstands now; it is also available free for subscribers on tablets at golf.com/allaccess. Photograph of Raymond Floyd at Old Palm Golf Club near Palm Beach, Fla., in December 2012 (Angus Murray).  

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