Daly takes shot at drink business with 'John Daly Cocktail'

Daly takes shot at drink business with ‘John Daly Cocktail’

Johndalydrink John Daly is following Arnold Palmer into the beverage business, but you’ll need ID to buy one of Daly’s drinks.

The Original John Daly Cocktail will debut in BevMo liquor stores in Arizona, New Mexico and California, Daly said on Twitter. The cocktail will be available in three flavors: sweet tea lemonade, peach tea lemonade, and raspberry tea lemonade.

Like Palmer’s famous iced tea and lemonade mixture — recently celebrated in an ESPN short — Daly already had a drink named after him. The John Daly is an Arnold Palmer with a shot of vodka, which is as good a metaphor for Daly’s game that we’ve ever heard.

However, Long John was not happy when restaurants were offering the drink. He said it was trademark infringement and he asked his Twitter followers to let him know when bars and restaurants were serving “John Daly” drinks. Now Daly is taking a page from Palmer, who partnered with Arizona Iced Tea to create an official “Arnold Palmer” drink.

“Tired of my name on menus. I don't drink but I want people to have same John Daly drink poor right out of bottle,” Daly said on Twitter.

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