Truth & Rumors: Mickelson says long putter ban would be 'grossly unfair'

Truth & Rumors: Mickelson says long putter ban would be ‘grossly unfair’

Phil Mickelson, who has experimented with using a long putter in competition, spoke out against a proposed ban on long putters and belly putters on Wednesday at the Barclays Singapore Open. Mickelson said such a ban would be "grossly unfair" to players who use long putters, according to the Bangkok Post.

"It's not an issue that I'm involved with, I understand both sides. It's just that I don't think you can take away what you've allowed players to use, practice and play with for 30 years. I think it is grossly unfair," he said.

Mickelson's position is at odds with Tiger Woods, who has voiced support for a ban on long putters. Three of the last five major championships have been won by players using long putters. European Tour chief George O'Grady confirmed on Sunday that the R&A and the USGA have been discussing a possible ban on long putters, the Bangkok Post reported.