Truth & Rumors: Augusta National plans to remodel clubhouse

Truth & Rumors: Augusta National plans to remodel clubhouse

It's only been two months since Augusta National let women in. They're already remodeling. According to the Augusta Chronicle, the club's historic clubhouse will undergo some "major" expansion. We're guessing ladies' rooms:

A site plan filed by Cran ston Engineering Group indicates the club, which plays host to the Masters Tour nament, intends to demolish a portion of the existing building, including the kitchen area, and an adjacent building on the northeast side of the clubhouse to make way for the new structure. Bob Austin, of Augusta Planning and Development, said the plan shows a large, two-level structure will be built, with the lower level sitting below grade.
"Looks like they are doing some major renovations to the existing clubhouse,” Austin said after reviewing the plans, which were filed in May.

Ok, maybe a lot of ladies' rooms. According to the Augusta Chronicle report, the original structure — which was built as a plantation house in 1854 — won't change. That building has been remodeled several times since, most recently in 2003.

Augusta National spokesman Steve Ethun could not provide any details on the plans, saying the private club does not comment on internal improvement projects.

Masters traditionalists, don't panic. We expect sandwich prices to stay the same.