Truth & Rumors: Woods and Barkley haven't spoken since '09 accident

Truth & Rumors: Woods and Barkley haven’t spoken since ’09 accident

Poor Chuck.
Charles Barkley says he just wants the best for Tiger Woods. His typical mode of expressing this to the press, though, tends to be a little blunt, occasionally misguided, and largely unsolicited. According to an interview with ESPN Chicago, Barkley hasn't spoken to Tiger since the fire hydrant incident of 2009. And Barkley says he doesn't know why:

“You know what, I have no idea [why the relationship ended]. You know, I played all those scenarios. But I not gonna get mad, like I said. Everybody knows what happened. I still want him to do well; when he’s on the golf course I’m going to be watching. But he’s got to handle everything the way he wants to. I mean, I have no idea what happened. But I just wanna see him do well. But I don’t want these people taking shots at him.”

Even though the Barkley hasn't spoken to Tiger in years, he does seem to talk about Woods a lot. On Thursday, it was mostly to stand up for the his man in a fan's capacity. And, to urge Tiger to get down in the muck to defend his name:

Tiger had a great year, he won three tournaments, he’s No. 2 in the world. He’s had a great year but I don’t like when people just take shots at guys. I hate that. Tiger ain’t bothering anybody right now. And I just think, ‘Dude, quit taking the high road.’”

Hmm…"Quit taking the high road." Thanks, Charles. Rare advice from a rare man. For the full transcript of Barkley's interview, follow the link to