Truth & Rumors: Watch Ex-'Bachelorette' swim for sinking clubs

Truth & Rumors: Watch Ex-‘Bachelorette’ swim for sinking clubs

Rule 13-4: Thou shalt not ground thy club in a hazard. Or, for that matter, sink thy club entirely.
Well, according to a TMZ report, ex-'Bachelorette" Jillian Harris and a few of her friends broke that rule about 14 times earlier this month, when a member of her foursome drove their cart into a pond during a charity golf tournament in West Kelowna, British Columbia.
The Bachelorette (along with a bevy of other, lowercase bachelorettes) quickly jumped in after it. Don't worry, there's video. Before we get to it, one more note: T&R's research team could find nothing in the Rules of Golf prohibiting the shotgunning of a beer while neck deep in a pond during a daring golf club rescue. Carry on, Ms. Harris:
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