Truth & Rumors: Tiger Woods 'absolutely' has doubts about catching Jack

Truth & Rumors: Tiger Woods ‘absolutely’ has doubts about catching Jack

A lot of people have doubted Tiger’s pursuit of Jack over the past few years. And, during his Wednesday press conference at the CIMB Classic in Malaysia, Woods admitted he was one of them.
Woods was asked whether there was a “point in time where his confidence…slightly wavered” in pursuit of 18. The short answer? “Absolutely”:

Oh, absolutely.  It’s like everybody else.  There are times I’ve gone through periods where I didn’t hit very good, didn’t chip very good, didn’t putt very good. I know what I can do, but sometimes it just doesn’t come out. That’s when, for me, in the past and will always continue to be that way, just got to go back and work harder. Get out there and do my work on the range, do my work on the golf course at home and make that solid so when I get into a tournament situation, it is able to come out.

By most accounts, it’s been close to coming out recently. But, even if it doesn’t, Tiger seems to have his realigned his priorities. When asked whether breaking Jack’s record still had priority in his life, Tiger answered as a 36-year-old father of two ought to:

There are things that are certainly more important, and fatherhood is number one. Golf has always been a high priority in my life, but family has always been number one. So that hasn’t changed. So, for me, I certainly want to win golf tournaments. I certainly want to break Jack’s record and catch Snead’s record. Those are all things that I would love to do throughout my career. But being the best father I can possibly be to my two great kids, that certainly is number one in my life.

We’ll see how this newer, calmer Tiger translates on the course Thursday, when the CIMB Classic begins in earnest.RELATED: Tiger Woods career in photos | Tiger Woods SI covers | Tiger Woods homepage