Truth & Rumors: Arnold Palmer's beverage line gets new flavor

Truth & Rumors: Arnold Palmer’s beverage line gets new flavor

The King's court keeps getting bigger.
According to a press release issued last week, Arnold Palmer's beverage line will soon add another offering to its half-juice, half-tea collection. This one's going to be "rosy." Here's what AriZona, which produces the drinks, has to say:

AriZona Beverages and Arnold Palmer it another hole in one with the latest addition to the popular Arnold Palmer Half & Half line with Arnold Palmer Strawberry Half & Half. The latest twist on the classic favorite stays true to its roots with a half and half combination, but adds a rosy pink hue from the strawberries with a refreshing flavor and a cool taste.
The Arnold Palmer Strawberry is bound to stand off the shelves with its bold black can, speckled with strawberries and a red top reflecting the delicious contents inside. Palmer's quirky side is also carried out onto the packaging, with word bubbles featuring famous quotes from Arnie himself.

That makes eight offerings of Palmer-branded beverages, which started out as a classic of iced tea and lemonade, and, as the PR folk say above, has since gotten progressively…quirkier.
Good news for Arnie, though, he seems to be getting some much needed revenge on Jack Nicklaus in the beverage aisle. Nicklaus is also under contract with Arizona, which produces four flavors of "Golden Bear Lemonade." Unscientific research conducted by T&R gives the edge to Arnie. MORE ON PALMER: Career in Pictures | SI Covers | Special Section