Truth & Rumors: Bobby Jones's ghost for sale on eBay

Truth & Rumors: Bobby Jones’s ghost for sale on eBay

Let's begin with the facts: If you're a "true believer," for the low, low price of $1,000, you can own the ghost of Bobby Jones, and the glass jar it lives in.
For the non-believer, for the high, high price of $1,000, you can own a glass jar.
Who you gonna call? eBay, according to Deadspin. That's right, the sports site reports that the ghost of Bobby Jones, which is currently spending its ectoplasmic retirement encased in a glass jar, is up for auction — and bidding starts at $500! (If you don't want to chance it, you can purchase it outright for $1,000. We'd entirely understand.) Not only do you get the ghost, but you also receive the story behind its capture, and a tax write off. Here's what the seller has to say on the post:

Earlier this year, I began to hear strange voices come from my garage and specifically my golf clubs. The voice would repeat "Syringomyelia, Syringomyelia." At first I had no idea what the ghost was saying, so I googled the word. Syringomyelia is the disease that paralyzed killed hall of fame golfer Bobby Jones. I asked the apparition are you Bobby Jones? The ghost then became visible dressed in 1950's golfing gear. The ghost said yes I am Bobby Jones. I didn't know what to do, so in panic I took the jar next to me and forced the ghost of Bobby Jones into the container. Thankfully this ghostly version of Bobby Jones was the paralyzed version of him and not the pristine athlete from the 1920's.
As much as I like having Mr.Jones in my house, my wife is petrified of ghosts and is now forcing me to sell him. I have decided to sell Mr. Jones on ebay and donate half of the proceeds to the cure Syringomyelia fund.
Unfortunately Mr. Jones ghost can only be seen by true believers. If you are not a true believer bid with caution, for you may be unable to see him. I will not be giving refunds, so bid with caution as this is something impossible to authenticate and verify.

Good thing Jones isn't one of those Stephen King-style ghosts. "Aileymognirys" would be quite the mouthful, for a ghost. And certainly not "Redrum" level threatening.
UPDATE: The seller's auction has been pulled from Ebay. We don't know by whom. But he's said too much already…