Video golf more popular than 'real' golf, study finds

Video golf more popular than ‘real’ golf, study finds

"Play (Virtual) Golf, America!"
It turns out, roughly 56 million Americans already do, according to a recent study by the National Golf Foundation (NGF). That's significant, since the population of the country in 2011, when the NGF took its data, was around reported by the Census Bureau at around 311 million.
So, the good people at the NGF should be thrilled, right? Well, half-thrilled. Because the study also found that roughly 46 million of those people aren't active golfers. And 39 million of those have never played golf in their lives.
That number dwarfs the 25.7 million Americas whom the NGF reported played at least one round in 2011.
The authors of the study call this gap a "significant opportunity for conversion."
At Rumors, we hope the NGF is right, but we wonder how many players would stick with the analog game once they realize Tiger Vision doesn't work on real greens.