Truth & Rumors: Darren Clarke has 'inside track' on 2014 captaincy

Truth & Rumors: Darren Clarke has ‘inside track’ on 2014 captaincy

We understand why someone would want to be the European Ryder Cup Captain. Pride, honor, yeah, all that. But, honestly, the job doesn't seem all that tough: You do interviews, wait until the inevitable American supernova makes you look like a genius, and then you drink until a Molinari brother goes drag.
So, it's easy to understand why the politicking has already begun across the pond. And, according to Padraig Harrington, a front-runner is already emerging.
"I understand the inside track is that it's going to be Darren Clarke," Harrington told the Irish Independent at the Dunhill Links on Friday. The Independent also reports that Peter Hanson has thrown his (feather)weight behind Paul McGinley. Which might mean more, if Rory McIlroy didn't already go on the record throwing his support behind Clarke, according to We at Rumors are going third party. Colin Montgomerie, 2014. If Monty is captaining, then perhaps we'll get less commentary in the first person plural during the next broadcast…