Truth & Rumors: Jungle Bird swoops Jiyai Shin at Women's British Open

Truth & Rumors: Jungle Bird swoops Jiyai Shin at Women’s British Open

Junglebird'Jungle Bird' is removed from Jiyai Shin's press conference at Royal Liverpool on Sunday. Getty Images In 2012, the most successful guy in golf isn't even a close call. And no, it's not that kid, Rory. Or that Tiger, Eldrick.
Ladies and gentleman, it has to be the Jungle Bird, who managed to interrupt yet another major award ceremony Sunday, rushing through the coronation at the Women's British Open.
Oh, we're serious. Just look at the evidence (and the photo). No other player has accomplished his or her objective in not one, but two majors during the 2012 season.
After making his stunning debut during the U.S. Open in June, and following David Feherty all the way to Ireland for the Notre Dame-Navy football game earlier this month, The Bird made another magisterial swoop across the stage in front of 2012 Open Champion Jiyai Shin. Check out the video, via the YouTube user officialjunglebird. Wonder who that is.

Look at that. We're so accustomed to his success that no one's even surprised by his trademark ca-caw.
Better squeeze it in now though: If The Bird tries that routine in a couple weeks at Medinah, we'll mistake him for just another British fan…