Truth & Rumors: Miniature golf, Pinehurst style

With eight courses on the property, it's tough for Pinehurst to offer much more for a golfer's dream trip. But just to push it forward, they've added one more touch: Mini Golf!
That's right. The good folks at Pinehurst opened their newest (putting) course, called Thistle Dhu, on Aug. 31, hosting an alternate-shot contest with more than 140 two-man teams, according to the resort's website. The sprawling — and entirely awesome — new putting green doesn't have windmills or clowns, but it does come complete with tees and numbered holes, marking mini golf's return to its original home in America.
The course is named in homage to a putting course built in Pinehurst, N.C., by New York industrialist James Barber in 1919. "Thistle Dhu" is a bastardization of "This'll Do," Barber's pronunciation upon finishing the green.
Mini Golf has been its big brother's Lilliputian ally almost since the game began, when the Royal and Ancients built the Himalayas Course at St. Andrews for women to play while their husband's trekked the big track.
In case you're wondering what all this looks like, the resort posted this video to pique your curiosity. Spoiler: It looks a lot like the carpet at's offices.