Truth & Rumors: Texas Am cards two aces in one round

Truth & Rumors: Texas Am cards two aces in one round

Talk about a twofer.
Richard Akin, a 67 year old from Houston, carded a pair of aces in a single round — with the same golf ball, according to the Houston Chronicle.

In a shotgun event, his second and last one came on his last shot, a 7-iron at the 147-yard par 3 on the La Quinta Course at Quail Valley.
"I called that one (in the air)," recalled Akin, an 8-handicap who lives in Houston. "I said, 'Last hole. Let's make it two.' "
Akin's high draw landed about 15 feet short of the pin and trickled in, similar to what he did earlier on the par-3 fifth hole with a pitching wedge. Akin, who is a senior vice president of an engineering and construction company in Houston, also used the same ball for both shots, which is unusual. He had intended to save the ball he used for the first one, but when he lost his second ball in a water hazard, he wound up using his original ball on the 17th.

This doesn't surprise us. Any golfer who only keeps two balls in his bag during competition must be very good indeed. Although now that ball has probably earned its pension: As the article mentions, the odds of recording two holes-in-one in a round are about 67 million to one.
So, how did the 8-handicap finish?

In the end, Akin, once a plus-2 handicap, wound up shooting 78.
"Wouldn't you know it?" he said. "I have to get two aces to break 80 these days."

Hat tip for Jonathan Wall at Yahoo! Devil Ball Blog on this one.