Truth & Rumors: Rory McIlroy overslept before final round of PGA

Truth & Rumors: Rory McIlroy overslept before final round of PGA

Last week at the PGA, Rory McIlroy has a pretty standard Sunday routine for a 23 year old: take a nap, oversleep, play some golf and then celebrate by letting himself "indulge in two Diet Cokes and a cookie."
Well, the first part of that is standard. And, of course, in between, he ran away from the best golfers in the world to win his second major. And then treated himself to soda. So maybe Rory McIlroy isn't your boilerplate twenty-something.
But the man himself did shed some light on his big day at Kiawah during an interview with Scott McCarron on the Golf Channel's "Morning Drive."

"It was such a long day. I think we had to get up at 5:00 to finish our third round so we're posting by 7:45. Actually, something that people don't know, I went back home — and everyone was talking about how I showed up — you know, I only showed up half an hour before the tee time in the [afternoon]? I actually took a nap, and my dad had to come wake me up. He said to me, "Rory, you realize you got to play some golf this afternoon?" And I…didn't know where I was, but I was so tired.
So I got back home after I won. There's just a few people there, and I let myself indulge in two Diet Cokes and a cookie.

Two! And a cookie! He must have been bouncing off the proverbial walls. Of course, Keegan Bradley told host Scott McCarron earlier that the Wanamaker Trophy can hold 17 1/2 pints of … liquid. So Keegan surely drank a bit more soda after his win last year. It's OK, though: Rory (and, apparently, the trophy itself) could use a rest.
All that said, there is one sort of cookie that would be an indulgence for anyone. Specifically, one emblazoned with your own face. Few people have that peculiar joy available to them. McIlroy is one of them. According to the Belfast Times, "biscuits" with Rory's visage are a hot item at one bakery in his hometown of Holywood in Northern Ireland:

Within three hours of going on sale, 300 German biscuits carrying the face of Rory McIlroy had disappeared from the shelves of Skinner’s Bakery.
By noon on Monday, workers at the Holywood bakery were frantically preparing another batch.
“It’s because he’s a Holywood boy,” was how co-owner Valerie Skinner explained the success of their best-selling product.

And not to ruin McIlroy's surprise, but it looks like his extended family plan to throw a little Hollywood-style bash for Rory when he get's back:

Rory’s uncle Colm said: “There are no plans for a party yet — but we will definitely do some celebrating.”

Remember, Uncle Colm, to buy a whole bunch of Diet Coke. Looks like the cookies are covered.
Watch the entire 10-minute interview here: