Truth & Rumors: Haney says Tiger won't catch Jack

Truth & Rumors: Haney says Tiger won’t catch Jack

At 36, Tiger Woods doesn't feel particularly old. So, on Tuesday, when asked about his chances of breaking Jack Nicklaus's record 18 majors, Woods patiently responded that he has "plenty of time" — ten years and 40 more majors, to be exact.
Others don't agree. Among them is Woods's ex-swing coach (and current Tiger chronicler) Hank Haney. In an interview with Robert Lusetich of FOX Sports, Haney expressed serious doubts that Tiger could get the five majors he needs to tie Nicklaus's mark, and came close to putting the debate to rest:

“When you look at all the factors that are involved in breaking Jack's record right now the odds probably don't favor Tiger,” Haney told…
…“Remember, Jack won only four majors after the age of 36,” Haney says.
“The last one at 46 — the 1986 Masters — was a miracle even to Jack, so it seems like giving Tiger 40 more chances is generous.
“You also have to assume that Tiger is able to stay healthy and avoid any other kind of personal turmoil that could derail his pursuit of Jack's record."

Some serious all-around doubt from The Big Miss author. So what could help Tiger along? Haney puts a lot of stock in Kiawah:

“I said before that I thought if Tiger won a major this year the odds of beating Jack's record would swing in his favor.
“If he doesn’t win at Kiawah, it’s going to be that much harder.”

The Woods Whisperer has spoken. Never mind that Tiger is still ahead of Jack's pace, even with including his current four-year lapse. According to Haney, this PGA might actually be glory's last shot.