Truth & Rumors: Is Phil Mickelson 'the golf whisperer'?

Truth & Rumors: Is Phil Mickelson ‘the golf whisperer’?

Phil Mickelson's been conspicuously and quite publically off his game of late. But, apparently, he's in full control of his mystic powers. As Jason Sobel reports at, Mickelson played a practice round with Ben Crane before the Bridgestone Invitational and was a big part of Crane's opening round 66. How did he help? Well, let's go to the quote:

“It was a super fun group,” Crane said. “Phil has helped me. I spent some time with him a few weeks ago, and we spent some time together, and he's helped me and encouraged me. He was calling himself the golf whisperer out there, helping me some with some shots and stuff.”

It's a little buried in there, but yes, Mickelson was calling himself "the golf whisperer." Move over, Bagger Vance. Now, if Lefty could only see "the field" himself. Where's Will Smith when you need him?