Truth & Rumors: Els planning to play Canadian Open this week

Truth & Rumors: Els planning to play Canadian Open this week

To most of us, Ernie Els’ Open Championship acceptance speech seemed innocent enough. But, as the Toronto Sun’s Ken Fidlin reports, a little joke set off a minor panic for some up in Canada:

"I'm going to try and come and see you this evening," [Els] said. "I'm supposed to go to Canada but I think I'm going to blow that thing off."
Turns out "that thing" was not the Canadian Open, per se, just the Pro-Am tournament he was supposed to play in Monday morning at HGCC. Els was to have been on the Canadian Open charter aircraft along with some 40-50 other players and their families Sunday evening. Els' obligations as the British Open champion would have delayed the charter for hours, so he sent them on their way and will make his way to Ancaster Tuesday.
. . .
When Els made his offhand comment about "blowing that thing off" [RBC Canadian Open tournament director Bill] Paul quickly got on the phone and soon realized that he was, in truth, going to blow off a little steam and celebrate with family and friends Sunday night but would honour his tournament commitment in Canada.

Fidlin also reports that U.S. Open champion Webb Simpson will take the week off as his wife is still expecting their second child. Another agenda item for R&A Yesterday we learned that Andres Romero had Manchester City soccer star Carlos Tevez on the bag for his final round. While plenty of Mancunians in attendance were thrilled to see their prized forward up close, don’t count R&A championship committee chairman Jim McArthur as one of them says Reuters’ Tony Jimenez:

 "I think we may need to look at this particular case," R&A championship committee chairman Jim McArthur told reporters on Monday.
"The strange thing for me was he never put the bag down so when he was standing on the green he was carrying the bag all over the place. It's just absolute madness.”

We don’t even want to imagine what he might have said had Tevez, apparently a golfing novice, actually laid the bag down on the green. Condi hits the links While Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is sweating over who to tap as his running mate, one of the presumed short-listers Condoleezza Rice was taking it easy with some friends at the Whistler Golf Club. According to the Vancouver Sun, the former U.S. Secretary of State dropped in without as much pomp as the course’s Director of Golf Alan Kristmanson would have anticipated:

I expected the snipers in the trees, close the course, the whole thing," Kristmanson joked. "But she rolled in with some friends, said they were having a girls' golf week and she was great. They went out and played a few holes, it started pouring rain and she said, 'you know what, I'm just going to shop' and they are coming back tomorrow. She was awesome."

Just don’t ask about her meetings with Gadhafi! Sergio, D.J. hit balls into Thames: Because the only thing missing form the Olympics is sponsorship overload:

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