Truth & Rumors: Mickelson in SportsCenter ad, Open Championship of mini golf

Truth & Rumors: Mickelson in SportsCenter ad, Open Championship of mini golf

Phil's TV TipsBefore he began working at ESPN, Scott Van Pelt worked for the Golf Channel in the studio and at tournaments. He's a veteran broadcaster. But as you can see in the video below, Phil Mickelson still had a few tips for Van Pelt to improve his on-camera performance.

British Open of Mini GolfImagine taking the kids to play putt-putt and being surprised by a caddie, complete with official British Open bib, to help carry your child's yellow ball and sweet red putter. If you had recently been at Pier 25 in New York, it could have happened to you, along with a chance for your youngster to hoist the claret jug as champion of the Mini-Golf Open.

R&A cracking down on slow playWednesday at major championships are usually fairly quiet, with players getting in a final bit of practice and enjoying some rest. But in a press conference on Wednesday morning, Jim McArthur, chairman of the championship committee at the British Open, raised some eyebrows when he spoke about cracking down on slow players, as the Augusta Chronicle's Scott Michaux wrote on his blog:

“We’ve obviously got to take into account the weather conditions and other mitigating circumstances,” McArthur said. “But we would have no hesitation if we felt the players were over time to take the appropriate action and to tell not only a group of players, but as we have allowed for in the policy to time individual players if we felt that was appropriate.”
Should the group times in the first round grossly exceed the target time, McArthur said “groups that we felt were perhaps not as quick as we would like” would get at least a lecture before the second round.
“I have to say to you, we are intent on doing what we can to improve the pace of play in golf,” he said. “I mean, I think we feel that particularly maybe not so much at professional golf but certainly amateur golf that slow play is, in some ways, if not killing the game, is killing the club membership because of the time it takes to play. … We’re doing whatever we feel we can in the circumstances to contribute to improving the pace of play.

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