Truth & Rumors: Woods says rough at Royal Lytham 'almost unplayable,' and British press pounces

Truth & Rumors: Woods says rough at Royal Lytham ‘almost unplayable,’ and British press pounces

On Sunday, Tiger Woods declared the rough at Royal Lytham and St. Anne’s to be “almost unplayable” in spots, before continuing to describe his affection for the course and the event itself. The British media didn’t miss the chance to run with the quote, as seen in the Daily Mail (headline: Unplayable!), the Mirror (Tiger shocked!) and the Guardian, which we’ll excerpt here.

The wettest British summer in living memory has thickened up the rough at Royal Lytham & St Annes to an extent that has shocked Tiger Woods.
The former world No1 flew into Blackpool early on Sunday morning and was on the 1st tee at the 2012 Open Championship course by 9am. Woods encountered levels of rough which are expected to test the finest players in the world – and doubtless prompt some criticism – during this Open week. “Oh my God,” was the instant Woods reaction when asked about the rough. “In some places it is almost unplayable.”
Woods said his awareness of a poor weather forecast – namely spells of heavy showers – for the remainder of this week increased his keenness to refamiliarise himself with the course at the earliest opportunity. “That’s why I did a lot of work out here. The next three days I might not get any,” Woods said.

Els says today’s gear is an advantage New Hall of Famer Ernie Els took a strong stand on today’s equipment in an interview with John Huggan on, and the Big Easy even suggests that belly putters — which he is currently playing — should be banned.

“I’m sure the ruling bodies are looking at all those equipment issues. Driving was an art form not so long ago, but it isn’t now. Everyone has a huge metal-headed driver with a huge sweet spot, one that makes bad driving far harder to achieve. The short game was the same, but it isn’t any more. Everyone can get a club that will help him pitch and chip like only Seve could do in his heyday. I look around now and see guys winning, guys who could never have done so 20 years ago. Maybe we pros do need to have smaller drivers, less lofted wedges and a ball everyone must use.”

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