Truth & Rumors: Hossler who? A new teen phenom shreds records in Texas

Truth & Rumors: Hossler who? A new teen phenom shreds records in Texas

Sorry Beau. There's someone else. And, yes, he's younger.
That's right, another teen phenom is tearing down course records in Dallas, according to Bill Nichols at the Dallas Morning News. Scottie Scheffler, a 16-year-old from Highland Park, Texas, shot two rounds of 61 at two different courses last week — both course records. Because, you know, anyone can do that once. The first 61 came at Northwood Country Club — host of the 1952 U.S. Open — where Scheffler clipped the record held by Hunter Mahan. Later that week, he put up the same number at Dallas Country Club, matching the record set by 2011 U.S. Amateur champ Kelly Kraft.
His coach, for one, doesn't sound surprised. Or particularly impressed:

"He's a phenomenal talent," said Royal Oaks head pro Randy Smith, Scheffler's instructor. "He was just playing for fun. We'd like to see him take that score to a tournament."
Back when he was merely 15 and a sophomore at Highland Park, Scheffler won the Class 4A state title by three strokes. He has been working through a growth spurt of eight inches and 30 pounds over the last year.
"He's growing so much I don't recognize him each time I see him," Smith said. "When you're growing that fast, you just try to maintain some semblance of your swing and stay on top of the equipment to make sure it fits. He'll be fine as soon as he knows how long his arms are."

The Bear mad at the ball?Jack Nicklaus put on his architect hat — which is different than, say, his club- or wine-making hat — to talk about the changes he made to the PGA Centenary Course at Scotland's Gleneagles last Wednesday.
Gleneagles, in preparation for the 2014 Ryder Cup, brought the Bear in to beef up the much maligned course, and Nicklaus managed to get a few shots in at why the course needed changing in the first place, according to The International News.

"When I was asked to do the course more than 20 years ago, in those days it was a pretty challenging golf course.
"With the equipment and the golf ball and everything going so much further, it needed alterations.
"I would prefer golf balls being altered personally but until that happens, alterations need to happen to golf courses.
"I don't think it's going to be a golf course that breaks the back, it's not meant to be that.
"There are plenty of opportunities for birdies – birdies are exciting in the Ryder Cup – but it also makes you play golf," the American added.

  Golf and politics don't mixMight Travelers champ Mark Leishman be kept out of the British because of…immigration law? Maybe, according to Jay Busbee at Yahoo!'s Devil Ball Golf blog. The Austrialian (who is married to an American, with an American-born son) doesn't have a green-card approved for travel abroad. What the actual consequences of that are, I'm not sure. This is a golf blog. I imagine a Tom Hanks in The Terminal sort of situation, but with much more emphasis on the airport PGA Tour Shop.
Here's what Busbee makes of it:

[Leishman] didn't bother playing in the recent Gleneagles qualifier because he figured he'd be home with his new son, and so didn't bother getting his green card updated. "But I spoke to my lawyers, my immigration lawyers, two days ago, and it's looking like I will hopefully be able to go," he said. "I've been approved for an advanced parole to leave the country."
The trick is that these matters usually take about 30 days to resolve, and we're 21 days out from the start of the British. That's cutting it a wee bit close, yes? Still, nice problem to have.

  Finally, something funnyAs is our custom, we follow politics with humor. Specifically, humor at the expense of David Duval, courtesy of "America's Finest News Source" (i.e., The Onion). The article is titled "David Duval Still Shilling Nike Golf Products Years After Contract Runs Out," and here's a snippet:

"He's in here about twice a week putting a Nike VR Pro driver in somebody's hands and asking them to take a few swings," said local Sports Authority manager Aaron Camacho, adding that Duval hangs around the store's golf aisles in his full Nike gear for hours at a time. "We've thought about kicking him out, but he's used and read about these products more than any of us on staff, and to tell you the truth, he's purchased more of our Nike stuff than any other customer."

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