Truth & Rumors: Justin Bieber's good walk spoiled by paparazzi

Truth & Rumors: Justin Bieber’s good walk spoiled by paparazzi

The similarities between Tiger Woods and Justin Bieber are not immediately apparent.
But Tiger, the greatest golfer of his generation, has at least one thing in common with Bieber. Two things, actually: they both play golf; and they don't like cameras around when they play golf. According to Jam!Showbiz ("Entertainment and Showbiz from a Canadian Angle!"), the Biebs has quite a temper when it comes to shutters snapping his downswing off track:

The Baby hitmaker had a bad day on the course at Calabasas Country Club, California after a shot landed far from the fairway and he battled to get the ball out of the rough.
The frustrated singer later took to and blamed the paparazzi for interrupting his game by taking his picture.
He wrote, "Dear paps… golf is supposed to be a relaxing sport… u (you) arent (sic) supposed to be in the bushes yelling at me with cameras. Let me finish the game.
"Gonna stay focused. Back at it. Not gonna focus on the negative. Just a little respect would help."

That's right, Justin. It's a Process. Believe in The Process. Stick to The Process. You'll win a major– …er…break 90 yet. And if you give up on The Process, give Stevie Williams a call. He specializes in managing photographers.
The Mirror has some pictures of Bieber on the links – probably some of the same ones that made him angry. Have a look, if you're so inclinced. One Hole is an IslandNext, a bit of revenge footage for angry pros. Sawgrass’s famous island green is finally, actually an island. Seven Inches of rain from Hurricaine Debbie left the par-3 almost entirely submerged Tuesday evening.  As Gary Smits of the Florida Times-Union writes:

Suffice to say that even if you were playing in the pouring rain and hit what was left of the green above water, you'd need a poontoon boat to get to the green.
The rain has obviously affected golf courses throughout the area, a bit of a stumbling block after a warm winter and fall lifted revenues and spirits among course owners and operators.

We also found this video, from TPC Sawgrass Agronomy. It appears to be a smaller target than usual.  And listen closely, I think you can hear Len Mattiace laughing manically in the background.

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