Truth & Rumors: Jack honored by USGA, picks Tiger at Open

Truth & Rumors: Jack honored by USGA, picks Tiger at Open

Jack Nicklaus announced his pick for the U.S. Open Tuesday night, according to the Monterey Herald. Hint: That guy who hit "the most unbelievable, gutsy shot" Jack had ever seen.

"If Tiger plays like he did at the Memorial, he'll be tough," Nicklaus said. "But there's also so many good players playing well right now. One thing's for sure -it's going to be a great tournament."

So he's not handing Tiger the championship. But whoever wins it Sunday will be handed Jack.
The Golden Bear stopped by Olympic Wednesday morning for a press conference announcing that the gold medal awarded to the U.S. Open champ — previously unnamed — will now be called the Nicklaus Medal. As if he doesn't have his name on enough USGA hardware.
Jack accepted the honor with his typical amused humility:

"Kind of neat, isn't it? Take an old guy and honor him. I think that's pretty nice. It's pretty humbling and meaningful, these honors…I appreciate that."

The full transcript of Jack's press conference is available at Double D on TV David Duval missed out on qualifying for the U.S. Open last week, but it looks like he found a way to get out to Olympic. ( And into your living room.) ESPN announced that DD will provide commentary for ESPN3 in a press release Tuesday:

Duval, winner of 13 events and more than $18 million on the PGA TOUR, will be an analyst on feature group coverage that will air on ESPN3, ESPN's multi-screen live sports network…
"TV is definitely something that's interesting and intrigues me," said Duval. "I enjoy the game so much and I enjoy what's going on in the game right now so much. The opportunity to do this presented itself and it worked out, so I thought this could be pretty fun."

We at are taking a wait-and-see approach on this. Even money says he follows them in sunglassed silence. But hey, that launched a solid second career for Nick Faldo. As for Duval's golfing career, don't worry. He's still keeping his regular job.

Duval had intended to play in the U.S. Open but did not qualify and indicated his work for ESPN should not be viewed as a signal he's hanging up the clubs for good.
"I don't want it to be seen as a transition because I don't believe my playing career is over," he said. "I know I've had a rough year but I've also been dealing with other small injuries that I haven't talked about. But it (TV) is definitely something I'd like to do in the future."

Phew. Rory doesn't let us down Rory McIlroy threw out the first pitch at Tuesday night's Giants game for Irish Heritage Night, which is apparently something different than any Red Sox home game.
But lo! He didn't shame himself, his country, or golfers writ large. Because that's the calculated risk you take when deciding to throw out a first pitch: you'll never impress us – the professionals are coming up in the top of the first – but you might well taint your entire legacy, a la Carl Lewis, John Wall, et al. brings us the video:

I was worried the Northern Irishman might bowl one in there cricket style. But it looked like he actually took some notes on American baseball and played a little chin music, high and tight. As omens go, we're not sure what to make of it. Tweet of the Day Twitter-Wed